The National Dog L.E.G.S.® Association Membership

rethink.  review. reinvent.  redefine.

Quite simply, the standards of services in the pet industry are falling short.  We are stuck in attitudes and practices about our “pet” dogs that foster misunderstanding and mistreatment of our canine companions. Well-intentioned as we generally are, pet professionals continue to operate in ways that fail to regard a dog’s complete welfare as a complex biological animal operating within a dynamic set of internal and external conditions. In short, we have collectively failed to see the whole dog, and to provide the standards of care that appreciate the big picture for man’s best friend in the 21st century.

So, we are using L.E.G.S. to move us forward into the future for our industry.

If your business or organization is committed to leadership and cutting-edge, quality services…

If your business or organization isn’t afraid to break the mold and challenge the status quo in the interest of dogs and the people who love them…

If you are committed to a scientific and comprehensive treatment of dogs as whole animals and their welfare as our companions…


Beyond dog training.
Beyond doggie daycare.
Beyond animal welfare.
Beyond no-kill.
Beyond veterinary medicine.
Beyond boarding.
Beyond grooming.

As Dog L.E.G.S. Association members, we are vehemently adopting the values of respecting each individual dog as a complete, complex, dynamic, sentient being deserving of integrity. We are starting with the intentional disruption of the “pet” dog concept, in order to take us beyond our current thinking and elevate our conversations and practices as a community to reflect our values.

When you become a part of the National Dog L.E.G.S. Association, you join a national grassroots movement to raise the level of conversation and standards about dogs and people.  You are turning the tide with us.

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