beyond a pet

There’s so much more to him than being a “pet”. You know it. We know it. Science has long since proved it. So why is the “pet” tail still wagging the dog?

Although we now have volumes of scientific evidence to help us understand our dogs as the dynamic thinking, feeling, biological individuals living and learning in the world that they are, we are still – as a culture and as an industry – completely stuck in the dark ages when it comes to our four-legged friends.

We don’t really see the whole dog. Looking through our conditioned human-centric perspective, we lack objectivity and therefore the appreciation of the dog for the animal he is.

Old ideas, attitudes, and habits about dogs as creatures who are here solely to please us, obey us, adore us, and conform to our wishes still dominate and influence our relationships with dogs, and have created the standards for “pet” dog businesses and organizations we have today.

It’s time to raise the level of conversation – our standards and common practices – about our dogs. It’s time to turn things around in the pet industry and animal welfare, and create some serious market-disrupting waves.

We need to redefine what we have, and move forward.

We need to go beyond dog training, beyond doggie daycare, beyond animal welfare, beyond no-kill, and beyond veterinary medicine.

We need to simply apply the science we already have to our dogs, and reorganize our ideas and models accordingly.

We need you – as industry professionals – to make that happen.

There’s a whole dog there wagging that tail of his.

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